Our fully qualified log book servicing ensures your car is in safe hands, and we provide quality car service and repairs on all models… including four wheel drive and Diesel vehicles.

 Over 90% of repairs are done on site at a time and place convenient for you. Save money on towing costs for breakdowns with Tritron Services – let the repair come to you. Dont change your day to suit a car workshop !

Services Include

• New Car Servicing & Repairs

• Inspections Before You Buy

• Air Conditioning Service

• Computer Fault Diagnostics

• Steering and Suspension

• Struts and Ball Joints

• Radiators & Cooling Systems

• Front & Rear Brakes

• Exhaust System & Mufflers

• Timing Belts & Head Gaskets

• Water Pump &  Heater Hoses

• Fuel Injector Servicing