Evaporative Aircons

Domestic evaporative air conditioners

Evaporative units used for home air conditioning are a potential source of Legionnaires’ disease. Some simple steps should be followed to maintain your evaporative air conditioner.

Before summer:

  • Disconnect power to the unit.
  • Remove external weatherproof covers.
  • Remove filter pads, clean them thoroughly with a hose and replace with new filters if necessary.
  • Clean and scrub all waterways, including the bleed-off system and sump.
  • Close drains if required and fill with clean water.
  • Disinfect the unit with a biocide (a substance that can control the growth of harmful organisms) such as chlorine-based household bleach.

At the end of summer:

  • Disconnect power to the unit.
  • Loosen any sediment and slime with a brush.
  • Drain all water from the unit’s tank and pipes.
  • Clean the tank and pump with a cloth soaked with a chlorine-based household bleach then flush with clean water.
  • Remove filter pads, hose clean and allow to dry.
  • Dry the internal components, leave drains open and fit covers to exposed units if required.

Air conditioning firms can provide a cleaning and maintenance service.

With all evaporative coolers always make sure the water supply is clean and fresh.